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Thursday, February 3, 2011

'This is a huge cyclone, the likes of which really have not been seen in living memory'

The quote in the heading above is from Police Deputy Commissioner Ian Stewart, as Tropical Cyclone Yasi gets close to crossing the Far North Queensland coastline very soon.

Perhaps the greatest fear is that the sheer force of the cyclone will drive a storm surge of seawater, with the ocean literally invading the land.

This correspondent's thoughts are with everyone in the firing line in my birth state of Queensland, but especially with my brother-in-law Ross Isaacs, the wonderful underwater cinematographer, and his fiancee Katie.

On better days Ross can be found diving the amazing depths of the Coral Sea. Today, that sea threatens his home in Port Douglas, north of Cairns.

Stay safe Ross and Katie. Stay safe everyone.

See NASA images of the massive Cyclone Yasi as it headed in here

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